Stress And Worry

Constant worrying can cause highly elevated levels of stress. I believe it was Super bowl winning coach Bill Parcels that said that there is no use worrying about things that you can not control because if you can't control it, then why worry about it. Conversely, why worry about things that you can control because if you have control over it, don't waste any more time worrying when you can instead work toward the outcome that you wish.

Persistent worry is a waste of time. Although it can be very difficult to clear your mind of all the things that upset you, you must find a way to do just that. Try to fill your head with other thoughts such as recollecting your happiest memories or even sing a song in your head. I like to pray in my head. That always takes my mind off of anything that may try to cause me worry.

Worry will cause stress and stress may cause worry. They often go hand-in-hand. Stress can come at you from many outside sources and is much more difficult to eliminate, but worry can only come from within you. Therefore you must try to control the things you can and forget about the things that you don't control while focusing on the positive and happy things in life.

To eliminate or reduce worry, you must decide not to focus on negative thoughts.

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