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Stress and Worry

Do you worry too much? Why? Worry is all about what you decide to focus on. Here is some simple advice to help you reduce stress and learn how to eliminate worry. Full Article

Need To Stop Worrying?

Often when a worry "pops in" the normal reaction is to try and solve it. This is fine if there is something tangible that can be done right now. However, many worries are either entirely imaginary, or a small "problem" is blown out of all proportion. So what happens is that you try to "solve" what doesn't exist. The more you try and solve it the worse the "problem" gets. Full Article

The Art of Worrying

I am worried. I have been biting my nails for weeks and now there is not much left (skin doesn't taste very good) on my hands and feet to chew on. I have been bent over the sink retching, I am constantly nauseated with pounding headaches beating out a death march in my skull and yet, life goes on. To say I am worried is placing the situation into a category far above its position ? I am sick with worry. Full Article

Dont Be a Worry Wort

Everyone worries. As bothersome as it is, worry isn't all bad, and can actually work for you. Worry can give you a jolt of energy, spark your creative thinking, and help you to meet deadlines. The trick is to keep worry under control and these tips will help you do that. Full Article

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